Oat straw. Sample



(…) On a languorous summer’s day, you arrive at the field and observe what has changed since your last visit. You had been counting the days, waiting. With the modest knowledge of a beginner, you had predicted the right moment with uncertainty. Carefully crossing the bordering weeds, you approach the allotment. You move to the middle of the crop that you planted all those months ago and have meticulously followed ever since, which now rises well above your waist: straight up, swaying gently.
Just a little longer—perhaps just a few days—and the grain will be ripe. Then the stems will dry out and become brittle. It is best to harvest today. After all, you have set your sights on those stems. This time, the grain is just a by-product. (…)

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A way of doing, in Plain / Purl, Art Paper Editions, 2017
Paillasson plastique. Photo
Repeated pattern. Drawing
Woven willow. Photo Lien Van den Eynde